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Meet Band

Meet the Band



Tony Becker - Lead Vocals

Brett McKay - Guitars, Background Vocals

David Hoover - Guitars

Steve Page - Bass Guitars

Dave Colegrove - Keyboards

Jay Youngless - Drums

Bob Consiglio - Percussion, Background Vocals



Tony Becker

Lead Vocals

Tony was born in California in the late 1960’s; the oldest of 3 kids.  His dad was a musician who listened to a lot of country-western and bluegrass music at first.  “My first exposure to Rock and Roll was when I was seven years old, browsing through stalls at a Dallas/Ft Worth flea market. I found a handful of 45’s for a dollar a piece, Queen, Steve Miller and Stevie Wonder and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Tony started out as a drummer for Wrongway Feldman: “After buying my first drum set at the age of 25, I spent many years playing and singing lead/backing vocals behind the drums for a variety of cover and original bands." 


I discovered “Crossfire Hurricane” and started a new chapter in my career as a dedicated lead singer” 


Brett McKay

Guitars, Background Vocals


Brett is one of two guitarists in Crossfire Hurricane. Among the band members, Brett is definitely in the die hard category in terms of his love of The Rolling Stones. Brett has been playing guitar since he was 16. It all started when he saw a jeans commercial set to the tune of "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"...some things come and go; others last forever.

Soon after Brett started playing one of his brother's guitars, he realized that he needed his own. Brett’s first band was an original band, with his brother when he was in his early 20’s in Canada. He then bounced around between a few projects with various groups. 


In 2003 he moved to the United States. He stopped playing in bands at that time and instead pursued his new hobby as an amateur bike racer, which he still does today. 


In 2020, Brett happened to sell a children’s drumset to a person who turned out to be Jay, who asked if he played and mentioned that he and another person, David Hoover, were trying to start a Rolling Stones project.  They started playing together soon after that and that brings us to where we are today. 


Brett and his beautiful wife, Jackie, have three kids and, like most of us, Brett works hard for low pay.


David Hoover


As a guitarist in Crossfire Hurricane, David loves exploring “the ancient art of weaving” (as Keith likes to call it) with good friend and fellow guitarist/bandmate, Brett McKay. David’s been playing guitar since 1994, but as far as he’s concerned, he wasn’t really born until April 1, 1999, the night he saw The Rolling Stones live for the first time. So, in a way, David’s been playing guitar his whole life.

David is proud to be playing with Crossfire Hurricane, having turned down a role in U2 when Bono invited him to join the Irish band right before the group’s 360 Tour. This is a 100% true story (seriously, ask him, because the rest of the band is sick of hearing about it and would love if someone else would indulge his ego): in 2006, David was talking to The Edge about guitar, and Bono, having overheard them, said, “David, maybe you should replace The Edge on guitar. You’d be cheaper.” According to David, there was no sarcasm – it was a genuine offer. In fact, he is very confused as to why Bono didn’t talk about it in his 2022 memoir, Surrender, but that’s OK. All is forgiven.

David, however, does have proof, in writing, that Alicia Silverstone thinks he’s cute. In fact, if you’d like to update Ms. Silverstone’s Wikipedia page with this info, feel free to link that article to this bio for the citation.  


Steve Page

Bass Guitar

Imagine being 4 years old: your older brother and sisters are at school all day, and you're left with nothing to do. So, while his mother cleaned, you could find four-year-old Steve: (a) reading encyclopedias; (b) terrorizing the neighborhood on his Big Wheel; or (c) learning music played on the radio by ear. 

Encyclopedias are no more. And they don't make Big Wheels in Steve's size (sadly). But the piano-playing by ear did (unintentionally) mark the unofficial beginning of Steve's musical career. Along the way, Steve has learned - and played publicly - piano, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, trumpet, and - by far the most - the bass guitar. These experiences have evolved into innumerable professional experiences over the years, including playing in a jazz band, several "party" bands, and a touring, professional, country band that shall remain nameless here. However, unless he is tuning (or is told to play a solo), you'll find Steve blissfully remaining in what he affectionately calls his "bass bubble." 

Steve is loves the freedom and improvisation that playing bass in a Rolling Stones band allows. 



Dave Colegrove

Dave grew up in the small “city” of Tonawanda, NY, a suburb near Buffalo (Go Bills!) and began taking piano lessons at the age of 7. He quickly realized his knack for the keyboard and started memorizing some of the music he was playing.  By the time he reached the age of 12, Dave was a pretty well accomplished pianist, and his teacher indicated that he had the talent to become a concert pianist if that was what he wanted to pursue.


So it came down to one of those big life choices for Dave: become a concert pianist, or chase his true passions at the time: little league baseball, touch football, and street hockey (#UticaSt). To the surprise of no one, he chose the latter.


Aside from a brief stint in the high school jazz band, Dave didn’t do much with the piano for a very long time, but still found a way to have a cheap, beater piano in the various houses he’s lived in during the past 30 years, if only to learn an occasional tune to play that he heard on the radio .


An impromptu invitation in 2021 to a local “garage band” (i.e. a few old guys sitting around drinking beer and playing music) ignited a renewed interest in playing the keys.  Dave began getting more and more comfortable playing (and singing) with these guys until recently being invited to audition for Crossfire Hurricane, courtesy of Mr. Brett McKay.


And the rest is history…

basdass dave c 2_edited.jpg

Jay Youngless



Jay’s fate to become a drummer was sealed before he was born. His mother, on a whim, passed a musical instrument store when a junior red sparkle drum set caught her eye. Intuition told her she would one day have a child that played the drums and ended up buying the kit and storing it away. Fast forward to the seventh grade when the percussion bug bit Jay. He abandoned the coronet and has been bashing away

ever since.


It took Jay until his mid-20s before he began playing in bands. Since then, he’s had experience performing

in the progressive rock, pop-punk, nu-metal, and indie genres, in addition to stints in live theater and studio work. However, he finally felt “home” in 2010 once he joined Ghost Light, a blue-based rock band featuring current bandmates David Hoover and Rick Jennings.


Crossfire Hurricane is Jay’s first foray into tribute acts and couldn’t be more excited that it’s the world of the Rolling Stones. He enjoys dissecting drum parts to study their nuances. And who better to study than

Charlie Watts?


The band currently rehearses in the basement studio Jay built, in part, to provide his long-suffering wife

and children some peace of mind.


Bob Consiglio

Percussion/Background Vocals

Bob is the percussionist in Crossfire Hurricane, which includes playing auxiliary percussion instruments to complement the sound of the band.  The instruments you will see him playing in performances include cymbals, congas, bongos, tambourine, cow bell, shakers, scrapers, and more.


His music career has taken an eclectic path since starting in 5th grade band. In addition to Crossfire Hurricane, Bob actively plays in two concert wind bands of 50 to 60 players each, and performs with a circus music preservation group called Windjammers, which plays concerts and live circus performances. On top of all that, you'll find Bob often filling in for orchestral groups, including the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra, Suburban Symphony Orchestra, Heights Chamber Orchestra, and others. You can also find Bob playing in the pit of local community plays and high school musicals.


Raising three children, Bob actively supported school music booster programs and assisted the high school drum line that his three children participated in. Bob’s greatest joy is playing drums with all three of his children.

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