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About Crossfire Hurricane

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" play their music better than any Stones cover I've ever heard..."

Tom Pollard, host
Music of America podcast

Based in the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio region, the genesis of Crossfire Hurricane can be traced to the informal jam sessions between guitarist David Hoover and drummer Jay Youngless that started in late 2018.

David’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things The Rolling Stones was matched only by his six-string vocabulary. David’s background in theater, set design, and wardrobe ensured that Crossfire Hurricane will always put its best foot forward for its audience.

Enthralled with percussion from an early age, Jay’s mantra is that the world is a drum set. He appreciates the importance the backbeat and groove are to The Rolling Stones experience and continues to study the nuances of the band’s rhythms.


A chance meeting with Brett McKay would jumpstart the band. A fiery guitarist and singer with a passion for all things Richards, Jones, Taylor, and Woods, he quickly committed to the project, utilizing his considerable organizational skills to double as the musical director for the Hurricane.

“I would love to play percussion and see what we can put together.” Bob Consiglio is the not-so-secret weapon of Crossfire Hurricane. All of that percussion coloring the Stones’ catalog? Bob has it covered. He is the subtlety and the spark.


The mad scientist, Steve Page, immediately made his presence felt in the Hurricane when he came on board as its bassist. He brings the propulsive bottom end that makes your ass move and your head groove. Steve also has a keen eye for design and promotion.

A pianist from the age of seven, Dave Colegrove quickly made his presence known when he joined Crossfire Hurricane in 2023. Not only does he provide the boogie-woogie, but Dave also provides color and texture via his imaginative organ and synth stylings. His cool demeanor belies his fiery playing.

The band always knew that finding its front man would be the biggest challenge. Who would answer the call? Charlie Proctor, that’s who. Charlie's background in singing in a wide variety of vocal projects – from garage rock to gentle ballads – makes him the perfect addition to a tribute band playing the wide range of the Rolling Stones' back catalogue. 


The Stones always rocked. But, more importantly, they rolled.

Crossfire Hurricaneis dedicated to providing a spirited celebration of The Rolling Stones live - The grit. The grime. The sultry sublime.

Some of the songs we play:

Gimme Shelter - Jumpin' Jack Flash - Miss You - Start Me Up - Sympathy for the Devil - Honky Tonk Women - Rocks Off - Shattered - Satisfaction - Mixed Emotions - Midnight Rambler - Love in Vain - Paint it Black - Street Fighting Man - Tumblin' Dice - Wild Horses - Angie -Can't You Hear Me Knocking - It's Only Rock n Roll - Ain't Too Proud to Beg - You Can't Always Get What You Want - Let's Spend the Night Together - Mannish Boy - Bitch - 19th Nervous Breakdown - Get Off My Cloud - Ruby Tuesday - 

                                                                                                                             ...and many more!

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